[dns-operations] IPv6 PTR records

Douglas C. Stephens stephens at ameslab.gov
Fri Dec 17 16:07:12 UTC 2010

While I don't wish to start a word war on the subject, I should like to note that
there are other applications besides MTAs which provide capabilities which depend
upon the existence of PTR records, and even PTR/A matching, under IPv4, and that will
expect to be able to do so under IPv6.  A case in point is SSHd.  Many of the other
sites running SSHd to which my customers connect are using versions of SSHd which
stall and time-out if PTR records for my client-side IPs are not available.  Further,
a sizeable fraction of those other sites still use hostname-based ACL mechanisms (in
spite of the long-standing stupidity of doing so).  When these connections fail or are
extremely slow to connect, I get very growly customers.  Therefore, we intend to
roll-out matching IPv6 AAAA/PTR records.

At 09:16 AM 12/17/2010, Wayne MacLaurin wrote:
>That's an excellent question !
>I seem to recall a heated debate at the RIPE meeting in Rome back in November.     It would seem that most people wish PTR was never invented and it causes more grief than its worth.    A few folks seemed to be resigned to having to do PTR for MTAs and other services that have built-in requirements but most would like to see the entire concept go away
>Anybody else, who's rolling out IPv6 on a large scale, have any comments ?
>Wayne MacLaurin
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>On 2010-12-17, at 10:02 AM, R.P. Aditya wrote:
>>I like to question my habits -- the current one: while getting ready to
>>roll out IPv6, whether to bother with PTR records at all, and if so,
>>whether to just automatically generate them (except maybe for MTAs) and
>>not bother to match the forwards (so far, I'm not convinced either way
>>and given the pace of the rollout, time can tell).
>>R.P. (Adi) Aditya
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