[dns-operations] New subscribers

Rich Goodson rgoodson at gronkulator.com
Fri Dec 17 15:34:40 UTC 2010


I'm Rich Goodson, Sr. Unix Admin for a major (for some value of the word "major") cable company in the U.S. and I ensure that our users' misconfigured PCs can resolve the IP addresses of their BotNet overlords.  I constantly annoy my superiors up the chain of command with suggestions that we implement DNSSEC validation, which would cut in to their NXDOMAIN redirection income, so that conversation has not yet ended well.  

I was also at DNS-OARC in Denver where a fellow attendee used one of my personal domains in a presentation as an example of "an interesting misconfiguration".  My dad calls that the "plumber with the leaky pipes syndrome".


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