[dns-operations] New subscribers

James Pratt jpratt at norwich.edu
Fri Dec 17 02:44:56 UTC 2010

Very well then! .... Another lurker here - Jamie Pratt, from a small
University in the northeastern USA, Norwich University
(http://bgp.he.net/ip/ )

I only wish to say that I very much enjoy the amazing breadth of
knowledge, from so many great folks here over the years - We follow with
great interest the DNSSEC rollout/updates, as we look forward to it
ourselves (If our ISP ever gets it!?.. lol) :)

cheers, great to know you all, and thanks again for all the great DNS
knowledge! :) 



James Pratt
Storage & Virtualization Administrator / VMware VCP 3/4
Norwich University
Northfield VT USA

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