[dns-operations] dnsflow again (Re: DNS Traffic Archive Protocol)

Jason Chambers jchambers at ucla.edu
Thu Dec 9 01:30:37 UTC 2010

On 12/8/10 5:16 PM, Paul Vixie wrote:
>> you would then have a bunch of messages with the smaller tuples:
>>     (type, query_ip, response_ip, proto, qname, qtype, qclass, rcode)
> i don't want deletion or reduction, i'm looking for metrics made up of
> key:value pairs where the "key" is a compound like "how many times did host
> X perform action Y" and "value" is a counter.  this isn't just lossy, it's
> transformative.  you could see a million dnsqr's per second on input and
> generate a hundred dnsflow's per second on output, depending on how self-
> similar the inputs were.  for that matter you could see a thousand dnsqr's
> per second on input and get tens of thousands of dnsflow's per second on
> output if the self-similarity of the input was low enough.

What your discussing is very similar to the SiLK toolset for flow
analysis.  Glad to see others are working on this.  The IPFIX idea is
very interesting as I had not considered that.  For some time now I've
been thinking how to modify the SiLK [1] toolset to include DNS data and
leverage useful analytical tools like rwuniq [2] and rwcut [3].  Using
IPFIX would make that much easier; up until now I was considering a
custom format.  Sorry I don't have any working code at this point; it's
been a lower priority project for some time now.

For those who are not familiar with SiLK, please take a look at it for
influence because a lot of what has been said is very similar to the
SiLK toolset and a review might save hours or days of brainstorming.

[1] http://tools.netsa.cert.org/silk/faq.html#what-silk
[2] http://tools.netsa.cert.org/silk/rwuniq.html
[3] http://tools.netsa.cert.org/silk/rwcut.html



Jason Chambers
jchambers at ucla.edu

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