[dns-operations] Blackhole IANA question

Joe Abley jabley at hopcount.ca
Thu Aug 5 13:58:05 UTC 2010

On 2010-08-05, at 07:17, Alberto García Moyano wrote:

> I have also tried to do a query from my PC in my home, and i didnt get 
> response.
> >
> Servidor:  []
> Address:
> DNS request timed out.
>     timeout was 2 seconds.
> *** La petición a [] a caducado
> Can you tell me if there is any problem with your blackhole servers ? The problem is mine?

To identify the particular as112 instance you are being routed to, you should type the following into some convenient unix shell (in a part of your network where the problem exists) and send it back to this list.

1. dig @ hostname.bind ch txt

2. dig @ id.server ch txt

3. dig @ hostname.as112.net txt

4. traceroute

If you don't get any kind of answer for for the first three tests, you could also try with and The traceroutes for all three ought to lead to the same place, but you could confirm that too if you like.


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