[dns-operations] Desire to migrate back to BIND

Steve Bertrand steve at ipv6canada.com
Wed Apr 28 05:07:35 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I know that this question should be asked elsewhere, but I just want the
straight-up of it. I'm in a bit of a precarious situation lately, and I
want advice from the best of the best.

About five years ago, I migrated our network from BIND to DJBDNS
(tinydns/dnscache etc), for one simple reason... I was able to implement
VegaDNS web front-end for my staff (ie. colleagues) so that I didn't
have to manually do everything myself.

Now, I've been doing some extensive v6 testing recently, and also been
trying to wrap my head around DNSSEC/EDNS0.

I've faced problems with that, and combined with the fact that the
webgui of my current production DNS infrastructure likes to overwrite my
underlying direct `config file' changes[1], I am no longer content with
myself for having migrated from BIND (other than for the experience itself)

I want to change back to BIND. I'm familiar with its basic functionality
and the zone layout, I like being able to make quick, sweeping changes
whenever I want, and I know that unless someone else makes a change that
I have not been made aware of, it just won't break.

What I ask of the members of the community, is if you can make a
recommendation on a piece of software that can bridge the gap so that my
colleagues can use the pointy-clicky method of making simple changes
(eg: A/MX, add domain etc) while keeping in mind that budget
considerations are crucial, and there will always be the potential for
someone making changes to the zone files directly (namely me).

Thanks everyone,


[1] I know how to get around such issues, and I have written numerous
scripts to perform all sorts of trickery, manipulation and replication,
but that is beside the point.

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