[dns-operations] darkreading article on EDU signing

Matt Larson mlarson at verisign.com
Fri Sep 11 13:04:49 UTC 2009

On Fri, 11 Sep 2009, Chris Thompson wrote:
> The first thing that occurred to me was whether we can expect the
> GTLD servers to stop "promoting glue to answer" by the March 2010
> date. Otherwise that problem is going to become a lot more visible.

Yes, definitely.  We (VeriSign) view this change as a requirement to
DNSSEC deployment in .edu (and .net and .com).  An announcement in All
The Usual Places with details and timing is forthcoming.  (If only the
person who needs to write the text of the announcement would hurry up
and write it... Oh, wait...)  The "non-authoritative glue" behavior
will stop before DNSSEC deployment, not concurrently with it.


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