[dns-operations] SE and the value of having NS in more than one TLD

Peter Dambier peter at peter-dambier.de
Tue Oct 13 18:13:24 UTC 2009

Doug Barton wrote:
> Apparently the good folks at SE made a mistake with their host file
> today and ended up with NS records of the form [a-j].ns.se.se. While
> the problem has been corrected, and I certainly don't want to "pile
> on" I thought this was a good time to mention the value of having NS
> records in more than one TLD, even if you ARE a TLD. :)

I guess no, the real problem they censored the piratebay.
They accidently cesored sweden completly. ROFL

> Right now SE has as super-small packet size for an NS query (183) so
> they certainly have room to add a server or two in another TLD, which
> would have saved them from going off line today for a lot of the 'net.

When you query with "-t any" as qmail does

;; MSG SIZE  rcvd: 1202

and bingo!


> Doug

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