[dns-operations] Status of .yu

Kim Davies kim.davies at icann.org
Thu Oct 1 20:50:54 UTC 2009

On 1/10/09 1:22 PM, "Florian Weimer" <fw at deneb.enyo.de> wrote:

> .yu was rumored to drop off the Internet today.  But apparently, this
> hasn't happened.  (In fact, I was surprised to learn that .yu wasn't
> supposed to share the fate of .su.)
> So what's the story?

In 2007, the ICANN Board set a deadline of end of September 2009 for the .YU
domain to be retired from usage. However, the caretakers of the domain
sought an extension which was granted. The deadline has been extended by six

That said, the notion that .YU would disappear from the root zone would
occur precisely today is probably the result of some optimistic
extrapolation by the press. Due to operational reality, actual results may


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