[dns-operations] fun for the holidaze

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sat Nov 28 09:57:17 UTC 2009

my friend, phil, is not on this list but has a cute test zone at which
you may want to throw queries from various resolvers.  and he sez

> % host foo.bar.test.globnix.net
> foo.bar.test.globnix.net has address
> % host 'foo\.bar.test.globnix.net'
> foo\.bar.test.globnix.net has address
> % host 'shoot-self-in-foot\..test.globnix.net'
> shoot-self-in-foot\..test.globnix.net has address
> % host 'Philip Pennock woz ere.test.globnix.net'
> Philip\032Pennock\032woz\032ere.test.globnix.net has address
> I'm not on that list, and since I only run personal DNS I really don't
> need another list to follow.
> Feel free to point people at it.  Or at your own copy, whatever.
> Also, http://kuanyin.test.globnix.net/ has some links in IDN, I've no
> idea if they're normalised or not, but the HTML page uses the UTF-8
> characters and I do see browsers translate into punycode for hitting the
> server.  One thing I found underspecified was what does the browser send
> in the Host: header (but perhaps I just missed the spec).  In practice,
> the browser seems to send the punycode hostname, despite the links and
> client side all being UTF-8.
> Oh, there's also a bar.test.globnix.net to see what breaks there,
> long-hostname-carefully-selected-to-expose-fixed-length-buffers.test.globnix.net.
> and some SRV records which are mostly useful for testing the resilience
> of clients in trying various entries in the RRset returned from an SRV
> lookup.
> _test._tcp.test.globnix.net.
> _testmail._tcp.test.globnix.net.
> _testmaybemail._tcp.test.globnix.net.
> _testunavail._tcp.test.globnix.net.
> I'm interested in accumulating more interesting items for the zonefile.
> I can mail the zonefile to you, if you want to play.


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