[dns-operations] .my DNSSEC testing included in IANA DNSSEC testbed

Richard Lamb richard.lamb at icann.org
Fri May 22 23:36:33 UTC 2009

In cooperation with and at the request of the .my domain registry, the .my DNSSEC testbed has been incorporated into the IANA signed root testbed https://ns.iana.org/dnssec/status.html to facilitate testing.

For those using the IANA testbed: "dig +dnssec -t soa my" should return a validated result.

For those that are not: "dig +dnssec -t soa my @" should return a validated result.

I understand the test .my DNSSEC zone is not fully populated.

If you have any problems or questions, please let me know.

Rick Lamb
DNSSEC Program Manager

PS: Thanks to Ondrej Sury/.CZ for the "dnssec indicator"!

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