[dns-operations] Problems resolving .gov using DLV

Paul Vixie vixie at isc.org
Fri Mar 20 00:36:53 UTC 2009

> > you're right, which is why i referred to it as a compilation copyright.
> > but no RIR has yet declared ownership of the underlying discrete
> > information nor said that the people who submitted it don't control its
> > terms of use.
> And, of course, neither has IANA.
> I believe there is an implicit assumption that folks who give their trust
> anchors to IANA are intending for those trust anchors to be made
> available to anyone, including folks like ISC who take that data and
> republish it without notice. I suspect there is also the implicit
> assumption that republishers will keep up to date and won't muck with the
> data in any way.

this is again why i keep referring to a compilation copyright.  ICANN could
theoretically assert terms of use such as "this set of keys can only be
reproduced or used in its entirety" in which case ISC's action in removing
the .GOV key from dlv.isc.org yesterday (due to bugs in the BIND9 DLV
validator) would have been impossible.  i'm hoping that IANA either does not
assert any compilation copyright, or that if it does assert such rights, it
does not prohibit reproduction in part.

> Given the environment in which IANA exists, I suppose it would be prudent
> for IANA to make these implicit assumptions explicit (that is, that IANA
> make it clear to folks submitting their trust anchors to the ITAR that
> the data may be republished by third parties without notice and when this
> occurs, IANA has no responsibility for the third parties).  I'd be
> surprised if anyone declines to publish their trust anchor due to this
> sort of proviso, but I've been surprised in the past...

if you have time, could you explain the terms under which you accept keys,
that is, what agreement the TLD zone operators have with IANA around such
keys, including possession, reproduction, revocation, and notice?

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