[dns-operations] PMTUD of .org servers

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Sat Jun 20 13:29:15 UTC 2009

* Mark Andrews:

> In message <87r5xf9id8.fsf at mid.deneb.enyo.de>, Florian Weimer writes:
>> * Mark Andrews:
>> > 	Path MTU discover is just a waste of resources for DNS/UDP.
>> Most authoritative server operators seem to disagree.
> Please list one that deliberately turned it on for UDP.

How would I know?  There's no "DF and I really mean it" bit.

I expect that an operator high enough up the tree would know about
PMTUD, and that the server configuration reflects operator choice.
And it's something that ICANN's SSAC likely has covered (especially
when AAAA records were added to the priming response).

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