[dns-operations] "Comcast Intercepts and Redirects Port 53 Traffic" (slashdot)

David Ulevitch davidu at everydns.net
Wed Jun 10 20:37:20 UTC 2009

On 6/9/09 7:15 PM, Paul Vixie wrote:
> An anonymous reader writes
> 	"An interesting (and profane) writeup of one frustrated user's
> 	discovery that Comcast is actually intercepting DNS requests bound
> 	for non-Comcast DNS servers and redirecting them to their own
> 	servers. I had obviously heard of the DNS hijacking for nonexistent
> 	domains, but I had no idea they'd actually prevent people from
> 	directly contacting their own DNS servers."
> If true, this is a pretty serious escalation in the Net Neutrality
> wars.

Fortunately, there was no truth to it.  We would have reports from our 
users if it were and we had none.


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