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Sidney Faber sfaber at cert.org
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We're beating the ncap drum throughout .gov and .mil, preaching for its adoption and for more DNS research using it--studying DNS for more than just "this name resolves to this address."  Shortly you'll see some code contributions including a ncaptool module to search ncap files for hundreds or thousands of query names/domains at the same time, and a tool that lets you glob ncap files together as you pipe them into ncaptool.  More to follow (our interns have been busy this summer!).

Which makes me extremely disappointed to hear that ncap is going into maintenance mode.  Is there _any_ chance that the nmesg stuff can be rolled into the ncap suite, and essentially become another input pipe into ncaptool?  I _really_ want to see ncap grow into an open source pluggable dns analysis tool suite, I'd hate to have to branch off and build stuff on our own.

Whatever you decide, thanks for what's been done already, everyone's very excited about using the ncap suite.


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yep, ncap is kewl :-)

A little hard to start with but the module loader is really nice and the
provided example mod_urstate gives much more space to extend ncap :)

Besides a question - mod_urstate currently analyses only udp and ipv4,
are there any plans to extend that to tcp, ipv6? ipv6 would cause some
problems using the swap algorithm as far as i would expect.

Kind regards,

Paul Vixie wrote:
> i remain tickled pink that somebody besides me thinks ncap is kewl, too.
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