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Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
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that is why you are using the judy library [1] with specialized dynamic 
arrays in the ncap module mod_urstate right?

Considering the fact that the ncap can be enhanced and enriched by 
several modules, loaded dynamically at runtime, maybe someone could 
catch up by building a module which is buffering data output to a 
database. I haven't looked up into this direction but I'm pretty sure 
there also will be performance and memory issues. And besides - if 
you're on Linux do not try to pipe ncaptool output into a parsing perl 
script (not the one provided but a much more enhanced version with 
qr-matching)... it was worse than expected...

Either way dnsmezzo looks nice and I will watch it ;-)

Kind regards,

[1] http://judy.sourceforge.net/doc/Judy_3x.htm

Paul Vixie wrote the following on 13.07.2009 23:42:
>> Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 19:21:04 +0200
>> From: Enno Lenze <lenze at et.rub.de>
>> Ah cool thanks for the links. Really very interesting projects, I will
>> definitely have a closer look at them. DNS2db is actually very similar
>> to what I want to achieve.
> the problem with all existing solutions is that they are orders of magnitude
> too slow.  at ISC SIE we see dozens of megabits of response data per second,
> and the only thing fast enough so far to hold a summary of same is: RAM.  if
> you think you're tall enough to ride this roller coaster, contact eric ziegast
> <ziegast at isc.org> to talk about ways you could get real time access, and the
> various privacy related terms you'd have to agree to.
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