[dns-operations] Access to DNS-Logs

Enno Lenze lenze at et.rub.de
Mon Jul 13 17:21:04 UTC 2009

On 07/13/2009 06:18 PM, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> You mean an exporter? To put DNS data into a SQL database?

Yes. The idea is being able to convert "many" types of log-files into a
unified database scheme. So no matter if the admin is pcapping his
nameserver, or has turned on logs for his Bind/Powerdns/etc. he will be
able to use the tool.
Surely I would first have to check the pros/cons of using the pcapping
solution over using the built-in logging.

> If so, I suggest to have a look to existing tools:
> * dns2db <http://opensource.iis.se/trac/dns2db>
> * DNSmezzo (not yet officially released, very alpha) <http://www.dnsmezzo.net/>

Ah cool thanks for the links. Really very interesting projects, I will
definitely have a closer look at them. DNS2db is actually very similar
to what I want to achieve.

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