[dns-operations] Access to DNS-Logs

Enno Lenze lenze at et.rub.de
Mon Jul 13 17:09:41 UTC 2009

On 07/13/2009 06:18 PM, Michael Graff wrote:
> I was with you up to this point.  "alternate roots" makes me delete the
> message post-haste.
> Anything alternate root is wrong, IMHO.  You've probably just limited
> your positive responses to less than 0.1% of all people who saw your
> message.  We've all had that debate before.

I guess you just totally missed the point of my posting ;) - I did not
give any preference to **censored** nor was I intentending to set that
as topic or even to debate it (absolutely not..).

But it surely was the easiest way to get involved in at least getting
some dns-traffic. Of course I would be much happier if I could help by
sponsoring a nameserver to members of the ICANN (anyone?).

Again, I totally _apologize_ if I offended somebody - it was not my

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