[dns-operations] Access to DNS-Logs

Enno Lenze lenze at et.rub.de
Mon Jul 13 12:59:05 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I am planning as final at my school to build a DNS-Traffic/Logs
Analyzing Tool/Frontend and was hoping you could help me.

Basically it is going to be a mrtg/webalizer like tool for
DNS-Logs/Traffic. I had a small chat with Duane Wessels about his
"dsc"-tool (unfortunately I have compile errors on debian lenny) which
is actually similar to what I want to do as project.

I'll most probably then use the dsc collector for generating the
xml-files (but I will include importers for bind/powerdns/unbound logs)
and build an importer for mysql so I can build a nice Web-Frontend in
PHP based on that data.

Now the problem is, I would need some "real-world-logs" so in one hand I
can make my application (especially the importer) performance optimized
but on the other hand I can actually get a sense of what info is
important and how the graphs would look like in "the real world". Surely
this would impress my examiner, too ;)

My colleague (who will be supporting me) has set up a Public-DNS for the
"alternate root" OpenNIC which I was hoping only to use as a fallback as
it does not generate too much data (max. 50MB a day) - so I am hoping I
can get some help from you :)

comments, criticism, feedback are welcome :)

Thank you,

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