[dns-operations] When TLDs have apex A records

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Thu Jul 2 01:06:04 UTC 2009

In message <alpine.BSF.2.00.0907020022000.12772 at in1.dns-oarc.net>, Duane Wessel
s writes:
> Recently someone asked me if I knew of any problems when a TLD zone has
> an A record at its apex.  I did a quick scan and found the following:
> AC has address
> AF has address
> AI has address
> BI has address
> CM has address
> DK has address
> GL has address
> HK has address
> IO has address
> PH has address
> PN has address
> PW has address
> SH has address
> TK has address
> TM has address
> UZ has address
> WS has address
> I can imagine that the primary motivation doing this is so that
> users can enter http://tld/ in a browser and find themselves at an
> appropriate page.
> But I expect the user's domain search list takes priority if one
> of the searched domains has a name matching the TLD.

	Correct.  Single label host names were supposed to disappear
	in the conversion to heirarchical host names.  All the above
	are not valid heirarchical host names (label count less
	than 2).
> But I'm wondering if there are any negative side-effects?

	Yes.  You can't use single label hostnames reliably in a
	global context.  Single label hostnames have local context

	http://tld/, then user at tld then ...

	It's a slippery slope we don't want to go down.  I don't
	want to have to rename machines just because ICANN creates
	a new TLD that happens to matches a name I've chosen for the
	last label.

> Do these TLDs receive traffic that they shouldn't or don't want
> because of the apex A record?  Maybe some mis-directed SMTP?

	Possibly.  More likely if there are AAAA records due to
	running AAAA searches first.

	The records are just plain dangerous to have and the TLD's
	should know better.  This is akin to the problems that
	resulted in RFC 1535 being written.  Unexpected matches

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