[dns-operations] Announcing the "Ask Mr. DNS Podcast"

Matt Larson mlarson at verisign.com
Mon Jan 12 19:22:02 UTC 2009

Dear colleagues,

I believe this message is at least partly operational in nature, so
I'd ask you to please indulge and/or forgive me for posting it to this

Cricket Liu and I have started "The Ask Mr. DNS Podcast", in which
we'll be talking mostly about DNS, but reserve the right to veer off
into other territory (if the second episode is any indication).  Our
goal is to explain and enliven what's usually a dry subject.

The podcast's web site is here:


For those of you with the appropriate podcast-listening technology,
you may also subscribe to the podcast itself using these links:

  Subscribe in iTunes:
  Subscribe in other RSS readers:

We've already published two episodes and here are the synopses to
pique your interest:

  Episode #1: Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Ask Mr. DNS
  Podcast! In this first episode, we introduce ourselves and talk a
  little about our backgrounds. We also explain who the heck Mr. DNS
  is and why we've named our podcast after him. Then we actually
  answer a DNS question and wind up the episode discussing some
  interesting DNS research we've each done.

  Episode #2: In our second episode, Matt and Cricket discuss Matt's
  distaste for handbells and lapse into a discussion of Star Trek (The
  Original Series) -- oh, and answer an actual listener's question
  about when DNSSEC deployment will be widespread.  Also, Cricket says
  "Right, right" many times.

I hope you'll check out the web site and podcast and that you'll like
what you hear!


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