[dns-operations] Database backed DNS Management Solutions

Simon Lyall simon at darkmere.gen.nz
Wed Feb 4 22:18:24 UTC 2009

On Wed, 4 Feb 2009, bert hubert wrote:
> If you compare apples to apples, and run PowerDNS with the zonefile backend,
> you should find comparable if not better performance numbers. In one
> benchmark we saw 80kpqs, which turned out to be limited by our query
> generating hardware.
> We have one big user running a 40kqps setup backed by PostgreSQL (powerdns
> 2.9.22).

I'm not sure if these are the same test your are refering to but Devdas 
Bhagat gave a talk at the linux.conf.au Sysadmin Miniconf a couple of 
weeks ago giving some numbers. His slides are here:


Slide 17 is the one summarising all the numbers.

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