[dns-operations] Unplanned DLV zone outage on 2009-Apr-06

Lutz Donnerhacke lutz at iks-jena.de
Tue Apr 7 21:52:39 UTC 2009

* Samuel Weiler wrote:
> If the world had multiple useful DLV registries

There are currently two of them calling themself "productive":

 - aims to trustworthy: Validate on purpose
 - designed to demonstrate the technology
 - imports entries on explicit request and after a verification step
 - resolved the open problems with key rollovers and transitions to
   unsigned state in the last two months by introducting a web interface
 - aims to fill the gaps in the hierarchy: Validate if possible
 - designed to run on auto-pilot
 - imports entries by crawling and user input
 - maintains the entries using RFC 5011

If you are running a validating resolver, I strongly recommend you to slave
the DLV you are referering to. All DLVs allow AXFR exactly for this purpose.

There are other DLVs out there, i.e. dlv.vulcano.cl.
Please be aware that ITAR is not a DLV, but a TAR.

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