[dns-operations] ISC DLV broken?

Michael Sinatra michael at rancid.berkeley.edu
Mon Apr 6 20:23:45 UTC 2009

On 04/06/09 13:16, Michael Graff wrote:
> Michael Sinatra wrote:
>>  Unfortunately, due to an apparent reference leak in BIND, this is a
>> non-trivial task.  Turning off validation and doing 'rndc reconfig'
>> often triggers an INSIST failure.  This is off-topic for this list,
>> though, and I am already communicating with bind-bugs@ on this topic.  I
>> think it may be fixed in 9.6.1b1 and later.
> We have received several reports of memory issues surrounding this
> outage, and are looking into it.

Good point.  The URL below shows the memory footprint for the named
process on one of UCB's caching resolvers.  Note that the Y-axis has
mislabeled units; they're actually gigabytes, not MBytes.  You can see
how the spike occurred saturday night, and the memory was released when
I restarted named this morning.



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