[dns-operations] ISC DLV broken?

Keith Mitchell keith_mitchell at isc.org
Mon Apr 6 18:36:54 UTC 2009

Michael Sinatra wrote:
> This is off-topic for this list, though, and I am already
> communicating with bind-bugs@ on this topic.

Thank you for this input, and sorry for the pain it caused.

> I was not able to do any troubleshooting at the time of the problem
> (and I can't verify what Geoffrey observed), but I am currently able
> to do validation, and I am slowly turning validation back on for our 
> production nameservers.  It looks like things are going well now.
> Would it be possible to get some information on what the problem was
> and what was done to fix it?  I think it will be necessary to give
> some information to my campus, since they suffered during the
> problem.

We've done the post-mortem, and are just finalizing a statement which
should give the answers you need - out shortly.


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