[dns-operations] ISC DLV broken?

Michael Van Norman mvn at ucla.edu
Sun Apr 5 04:14:32 UTC 2009

Starting a bit after 18:00, my home machines starting failing DNSSEC
validation using the ISC DLV.  Test machines on the UCLA campus started
failing a little after 19:00.  Around this time we started noticing DNS
issues on a production machine hosted at UC Berkeley (whose campus resolvers
perform DNSSEC validation for the entire campus).  I just got off the phone
with Michael Sinatra who has confirmed that they were having problems with
name resolution due to DLV failures.  The solution in all cases was to
disable DNSSEC validation.

Nothing has changed wrt DNSSEC validation in any of the servers I know
about, but I have also not seen anything on the list about a problem.  Are
other people seeing this?


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