[dns-operations] UPDATED ROOT ZONE FILE: 2008-05-26-01

John Palmer (NANOG Acct) nanog2 at adns.net
Mon May 26 23:49:28 UTC 2008

Worldroot does have a list 
but it has limited membership now because people don't know about it much.

Been talking to some folks about this abhorrent act of censorship and while
OARC has done some good works, it is politically biased against the
Inclusive Namespace which is just as much a part of the DNS and
the greater internet as the ICANN roots.

We'll be creating a parallel organization to OARC that does, well, the same
things as OARC. Its such a shame that this redundancy has to exist, but
obviously OARC is only interested in supporting the DNS for a handlful
of TLDs rather than the thousands that are out there.  Thats sad.

New organization is called Inclusive Namespace Technical Analysis, 
Operations and  Research Center

 I won't go on any more on this subject, except to point out to Paul that 
while he
accuses me of being "political" on this list, I suggest he look in the 
mirror when
he makes that statement.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

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> Seth Mattinen wrote:
>> Out of pure curiosity, does anyone on this list actually use worldroot?
>> (And by extension, care to know about its updates? I don't remember
>> seeing any of the other alternative roots post updates here.)
>> ~Seth
> no and no :)
> John, if you want to post zone updates then why not do it on a list you
> control so people who actually care can subscribe to it.
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