[dns-operations] root server address in whois

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Fri May 23 17:48:09 UTC 2008

Looking into the ARIN, APNIC, and RIPE whois servers, here are there 
registered organizations for the IPv4 addresses in use for the root 
servers.  In the left column are the letter and the operator 
according to www.root-servers.org.

I took the liberty of abbreviating...

root-servers IP address      whois entries

A VeriSign      OrgName: VeriSign Infrastructure & Operations
B ISI  OrgName: B.Root-Server-OPS
C Cogent     OrgName: PSI Inc.
D UMD     OrgName: UMD = University of Maryland
F ISC     OrgName: ISC
G U.S. DOD    OrgName: U.S. DoD (NIC)
H U.S. Army     OrgName: Headquarters, USAAISC
I Autonomica   Autonomica
J VeriSign   OrgName: VeriSign Global Registry Services
L ICANN     OrgName: ICANN
M WIDE Proj    The University of Tokyo/Info-Tech Center

A  DEFGHIJKL  = seems normal (operator and registered address holder match)
  BC         M = not exact matches

The "mismatch" in C is (maybe) a matter of Cogent not updating 
(transfering) the registrations from PSI when they acquired/merged.

For M - WIDE is a project at the University of Tokyo.

For B - I don't know how to read that.  The whois entry doesn't mention ISI.

It might be that the L-root incident is a one time event.  (For 
whatever little value that point is.)
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