[dns-operations] renesys blog: Identity Theft Hits the Root Name Servers

Danny McPherson danny at tcb.net
Fri May 23 14:23:08 UTC 2008

On May 22, 2008, at 8:27 AM, Olafur Gudmundsson wrote:
> My lesion from this incident and emails:
> ICANN and "owners" of addresses used by root servers,
> need to enter into a binding contract on what happens to the addresses
> after the root server stops using that address.
> ICANN and operators of root servers need to enter into an binding  
> contract
> on what happens to the root server operation if the organization is  
> unable to
> continue.
> Welcome to the REAL Internet not the TOY Internet that proceeded it.
> (not sure what kind of smiley to put on this line)

I agree...

In addition, I'd be quite interested in understanding what
the notification and implementation process is to renumber
a root name server.  Surely it's more than a blog post on the
ICANN site (and http://l.root-servers.org), or dropping an
email to NANOG (e.g., B-root in 2004, or an email to
namedroppers for G & H in 1995)?

Is there a defined protocol for this?


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