[dns-operations] renesys blog: Identity Theft Hits the Root Name Servers

Joao Damas Joao_Damas at isc.org
Thu May 22 06:10:00 UTC 2008

On May 22, 2008, at 2:08 AM, Edward Lewis wrote:
> "Vicious" would be replying with data incoherent with the other
> (ICANN) root servers.  NXDOMAINs would probably be rewritten by an
> ISP anyway.

if DNSSEC was in use then the origin of the data wouldn't matter, and  
that includes the root zone.

> Dropping into "old man" mode:
> I've had a career in bureaucracies.  Bureaucracies have their
> failings - they are centrally managed, faceless, and lack agility.
> But there is a reason for their existence.  They maintain continuity,
> operate under public scrutiny and, with the exception of human abuse,
> can impart fair treatment.  They are the underpinning of the "rule of
> law."

stating that a system has certain properties does not imply some other  
system can not have the same properties, so your statement above can  
not imply that some other system can  not guarantee good working order


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