[dns-operations] FYI-- Paul Vixie: ISC statement about BIND9's recent -P1 releases

Sebastian Castro Avila secastro at nic.cl
Mon Jul 28 19:48:29 UTC 2008

Florian Weimer wrote:
> * Paul Vixie:
>> for those not on bind-users@, there's another round of BIND9 patches coming.
> Great.
> It's not "slow servers", BTW.  A few folks have experienced significant
> load issues (looking like a congestion collapse) after applying the
> patches, making them undeployable.  And better a vulnerable server than
> no working server at all.

Just for the record and impersonating Mauricio Vergara from NIC Chile, 
we've been urging local ISP to upgrade their resolvers and one of the 
biggest reported to us the same issue. They upgraded and the resolver 
stopped to work due to the load, so they continued with the vulnerable 
but working code.


> (I wonder whether this is what happened to AT&T, by the way.)
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