[dns-operations] anybody here from GDNS?

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Wed Jul 16 12:06:49 UTC 2008

> Recursive servers and authority-only servers have separate sets of
> problems. Combining both roles in the same process when you don't need
> to smells like making work for yourself.

i assure you it is.  would like to not.  and hope to pull much of the
auth away.

problem is that my inbound smtp wants to be auth for dnswl.org's stuff
and also has to do something authish about darker rbls.  at the same
time, the mta needs a local cache.  and, if you do not want to upgrade
to even more cpu and ram until the next hw upgrade cycle, lots more
processes is not a good answer.

i run unbound everywhere but the auth boxes, where i have to run bind
but might like nsd.


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