[dns-operations] anybody here from GDNS?

Joe Abley jabley at ca.afilias.info
Wed Jul 16 03:23:57 UTC 2008

On 15 Jul 2008, at 22:11, Sean Donelan wrote:

> The simpliest case would be a server authoritative for EXAMPLE.COM,
> and providing recursive service to the server (i.e. localhost).

I've always found it much easier to run separate processes for the  
recursive server and the authority-only server. That also makes it  
straightforward to change your mind about one or the other (e.g.  
upgrade the recursive server to a patch release in response to a  
problem with recursion, leaving the authority-only server alone, or  
run BIND9/NSD for one and BIND9/unbound for the other, or whatever).

Recursive servers and authority-only servers have separate sets of  
problems. Combining both roles in the same process when you don't need  
to smells like making work for yourself.


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