[dns-operations] zdnet blog: ICANN and IANA's domains hijacked by Turkish hacking group

Keith Mitchell keith at isc.org
Wed Jul 2 20:59:16 UTC 2008

Duane Wessels wrote:
> from a private reply...
>> Uhm, were any of those domains ever "official?"

> Right, IANA.COM may not the official site, but I'm sure it was
> registered (by IANA even) before today.
> One thing I notice is that REGISTER.COM is the registrar for all 
> these ICANN/IANA names, as well as their other recent "hijack" of 
> photobucket.com.

It does seem to me rather strange that reliance is placed on a 3-party
registrar for such critical infrastructure domains. ISTM that for such
domains, ICANN/IANA ought to be allowed to run a non-resale "internal"
registrar rather than use an external party. I am straying away from
operational space here, but this would have the additional merits of not
showing preference to any particular registrar, and being proof against
any malicious intent at any such registrar. I think this kind of
approach is the established practice at various ccTLDs.


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