[dns-operations] Reporting glue as authoritive data -- Bug!

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Thu Jan 31 04:58:48 UTC 2008

> >Unfortunately there's no clear indication whether the insisting resolver
> >is still in wide enough use.  Last I heard was that the effect would be
> >triggered by the last authoritative server switching from "old" to "new"
> >(referral only) behaviour.
> The question is, who wants to take the time (and risk) to find out.  An
> operator backing out the hybrid answers is risking an outage to some reliant
> parties.  It's not often I'm willing to undertake an action whose only
> potentially noticeable impact is to cause someone else to hit my network
> harder and phone my help desk.

plenty of delegation-only domains including TLD's are served by all-BIND9,
and so would already have hit this problem if it were still a problem.

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