[dns-operations] Reporting glue as authoritive data -- Bug!

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Sat Jan 26 01:16:44 UTC 2008

> * Paul Vixie:
> > QTYPE=3DANY is so poorly specified and so widely misimplemented that
> > you can't use it in normal operations, it is, at best, a diagnostic
> > tool (a weak one).
> Sendmail used QTYPE=3DANY to retrieve A and AAAA records in one query.
> I guess quite a few mail servers still do this, so it should better
> work, at least to some degree.

	Sendmail used ANY to work around a BIND [48] bug with
	misconfigured zones.

	If named detected a error on loading it would SERVFAIL on
	NODATA.   Sendmail asked CNAME and as CNAME rarely existed
	you would get SERVFAIL returned.  Similarly for MX and A
	though those usually existed.

	If you asked ANY you would get back something so you could
	know the existed and continue on SERVFAIL.  Once we were
	told what sendmail was doing, and why, we made named reject
	the zone completely on load failures.  This was better for
	everyone and it got the zone fixed.


> But then, Sendmail seems to fail to properly sort MX records by
> priority in some cases.  Oh well.
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