[dns-operations] j.gtld.biz

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Tue Jan 22 18:31:24 UTC 2008

Contact "support at neustar.us".

In general for ccTLD (like .us) operational issues, start with the 
IANA (www.iana.org) ccTLD WhoIs and use the contact information there.

But I'll take a stab at the issue.  j.gtld.biz is a name server 
authoritative for the .us zone, with only an IPv6 address and no IPv4 

Customer support would be more suited to follow up.

At 10:10 -0800 1/22/08, Seth Mattinen wrote:
>I hate to post such a nondescript message... but... I have a customer
>who is complaining about failures on j.gtld.biz which are apparently
>affecting his ability to reach stuff on our .us domain. Any input?
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