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Hmm, this post seems to not have reached the list:

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> But, back to what I have found the harder question during the years,
> and that is what should happen if the tests fail? Should the
> delegation be withdrawn?
We do delegation checks, including IPv6 btw.
Now only at the time of delegation and modification.
And the result is that we have <4% lameness.
I think 100% is non lame is not possible, but we can do more.

So we we are going to introduce an incentive for registrars. Checking
all their delegation on a regular basis. And reporting back the
errors. And reporting back their "place on the list" compared to
their competitors.   
The top of the list (the best registrars) will get a "premium"
status. And "premium" benefits. Registrars that fail to reach some 
minimal standard wil be suspended. So let the market do the work.  

Be aware that we consider it the registrar's job to see if their
registrants behave. It's simply delegating responsibility. If you're
not fit to carry that responsibility, you shouldn't play the game.  

We do have deletions of domains when the technical requirements are
not met. But this deletion must be initiated by the registrar when he
has failed to convince the registrant of his responsibility to have a
properly set up zone. It's in our t&c's that a registrant has this
obligation, and that deletion may follow.    

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