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Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 20:05:06 +0200
From: Collin R. Mulliner <collin at betaversion.net>
To: full-disclosure at lists.grok.org.uk, bugtraq at securityfocus.com
Subject: simple dns rebinding protection with dnsmasq

dnsmasq (http://www.thekelleys.org.uk/dnsmasq/doc.html) a popular DHCP
and DNS forwarder and cache server used on many DSL/Cable routers now
has a simple DNS Rebinding protection mechanism. When executed with the
--stop-dns-rebind option the DNS resolver in dnsmasq will filter out
private IP addresses (,,, and This should be sufficient for most
private/home users.

Feedback welcome.


dnsmasq with dns rebinding protection:

orginal patch:


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