[dns-operations] "RoadRunner Intercepting Domain Typos" (slashdot)

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Tue Feb 26 22:22:17 UTC 2008

> > "... RoadRunner users can disable this function
> > or they can just use OpenDNS. ..."
> OpenDNS intercepts failed DNS requests as well, redirecting them to OpenDNS
> own search and advertising platform.  The difference could be that OpenDNS
> users can opt-out of this service, and RoadRunner customers might not.

according to the text you quoted, there is opt-out.  apparently opendns is a
slashdot darling, such that if you're not going to opt out, you're better off
letting opendns own your eyeballs than letting your isp own your eyeballs.  i
don't understand it, but that's what's between those lines.

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