[dns-operations] best way to reprime root-hints?

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Tue Feb 5 04:51:15 UTC 2008

> This assumes the name servers running on all instances are the same.   
> Are they?

i think so, yes.

> (Note that I assume that all instances on all servers support EDNS0).

i think they do.

> P.S. I think setting the limit arbitrarily to 1200 is likely a  
> mistake.  Someday, not only will we have 13 AAAAs and 13 As, but we  
> may also have DNSSEC cruft.  Not sure all of that will fit in 1200...

it was on the hopeful assumption that by that time the maximum minimum
MTU will be more than 1500, that the recommended default buffer size
for EDNS0 is 4096.  rare fragmentation/reassembly is better than common
place TCP.

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