[dns-operations] dynamic dns performance

Phillip Groven pgroven at cox.net
Tue Feb 5 02:53:55 UTC 2008

I am trying to scale our ddns server
It is currently not handling the load.
Has anyone tried running the bind journals in a ram disk and then backing 
them up like every 10 minutes

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> Phillip,
>> Does anyone have any performance statistics on dynamic dns?
>> Has oarci done any testing?
> In general performance testing is not something we're doing within OARC
> - there has been other externally-funded testing within ISC, but as far
> as I know this did not include any dynamic DNS work, and I'm not aware
> of anyone else who has done work on this. We'd be very happy to help
> share the results of work anyone else has done on this, though, could be
> interesting.
> Keith

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