[dns-operations] Thomas Kühne : IPv6 Connectivity Saga (part n+1)

Thomas Kühne thomas at kuehne.cn
Mon Feb 4 14:09:01 UTC 2008

On Sunday February 3 2008, Mark Andrews wrote:
> > On Saturday February 2 2008, Paul Vixie wrote:
> > > this is fascinating.  we should be able to do something about the
> > > nameservers?
> >
> > I didn't record the specific name server names. Here is the status list
> > from a
> > few minutes ago.
> >
> > "-" neither IPv4 nor IPv6 connectivity
> > "IPv6" broken IPv6 connectivity
> I suspect this more indicates problems with basic DNS delegations
> at the root and how hog tied IANA is with red tape in getting these
> fixed than anything else.

Daily updated connectivity report:

A quick look shows that some TLDs have systematic problems. 
all servers in the same IP block: ET HN IQ MO MP PF QA SC SL
only one server: KN

Please note that many of the IPv4 timeouts may be related to the current cable 
issues in the Middle East.


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