[dns-operations] Thomas Kühne : IPv6 Connectivity Saga (part n+1)

Thomas Kühne thomas at kuehne.cn
Sun Feb 3 01:23:07 UTC 2008

On Saturday February 2 2008, Paul Vixie wrote:
> this is fascinating.  we should be able to do something about the
> nameservers?

I didn't record the specific name server names. Here is the status list from a
few minutes ago. 

"-" neither IPv4 nor IPv6 connectivity
"IPv6" broken IPv6 connectivity

AC ns3.icb.co.uk. 2001:628:453:430c:230:48ff:fe42:60f
BE brussels.ns.dns.BE. 2001:6a8:3c60::be
CN ns.cernet.net. 2001:250:c006::2
COM a.gtld-servers.net. 2001:503:a83e::2:30
CR ns.ucr.ac.CR. -
CU ns2.ceniai.net.CU. 2001:1340:1:64::88
CX estia.ics.forth.gr. 2001:648:2c30::191:3
CY estia.ics.forth.gr. 2001:648:2c30::191:3
CZ d.ns.nic.CZ. 2001:678:1::1
EE dns.estpak.EE. 2001:7d0:0:e010::1
FJ teri.usp.ac.FJ. 2001:dd8:0:1:208:2ff:fe80:b6a1
FJ manu.usp.ac.FJ. 2001:dd8:0:1:208:2ff:fe55:62f8
GL ns-soa.darenet.dk. 2001:878:0:100::4
GR estia.ics.forth.GR. 2001:648:2c30::191:3
GT ns.uvg.edu.GT. 2001:1348:1105:14::2
ID ns1.indo.net.ID. 2404:170:32::2
IO ns3.icb.co.uk. 2001:628:453:430c:230:48ff:fe42:60f
KE mzizi.kenic.or.KE. 2001:43f8:10:50::3050
MM ns-mm.ripe.net. 2001:610:240:0:53:cc:12:151
NET a.gtld-servers.NET. 2001:503:a83e::2:30
OM ns-om.ripe.net. 2001:610:240:0:53:cc:12:166
PR descartes.uprr.PR. -
PR golomb.uprr.PR. 2001:468:1300:101::20
RS ns-rs.ripe.net. 2001:610:240:0:53:cc:12:184
SH ns3.icb.co.uk. 2001:628:453:430c:230:48ff:fe42:60f
SO svr01.datta.net. -
TG ns2.technologia.net. -
TG ns3.technologia.net. -
TH dns1.thnic.co.TH. 2001:3c8:1209:1::22
TM ns3.icb.co.uk. 2001:628:453:430c:230:48ff:fe42:60f
TN ns.ati.TN. 2001:970:1:1::10
US j.gtld.biz. -
US k.gtld.biz. 2001:503:e239::3:1
VC ns2.vc.tucows.net. -
VC ns1.vc.tucows.net. -
VU santo.vanuatu.com.VU. -
ZA ucthpx.uct.ac.ZA. 2001:4200:300:100:20e:cff:fe5c:f608

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