[dns-operations] udp/49153

Sam Norris Sam at ChangeIP.com
Tue Dec 2 00:00:38 UTC 2008

> On Mon, 1 Dec 2008, Sam Norris wrote:
>> Just taking a quick poll about dns queries coming in on udp/49153.  Does 
>> anyone know what resolver is using this port, and why ?
> Hi Sam,
> I assume you're saying that 49153 is the destination port for what
> appears to be DNS messages hitting your authoritative nameservers,
> right?
> If so, can you show us how it looks in tcpdump (or wireshark?)
> DW

These are requests coming _to_ destination port 49153, not source ports. 
This is why they stuck out, they are querying the wrong port for DNS.  I 
will put together some packet captures to share shortly.  My guess is a 
broken NAT or proxy device somewhere.  I was trying to determine the user 
agent so we could look into it more.


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