[dns-operations] maybe a dumb idea on how to fix the dns problems

Paul Vixie vixie at isc.org
Sun Aug 10 15:26:47 UTC 2008

> > TCP is considered optional by many authority DNS server operators. it's
> > only required if you expect AXFR or if you ever emit a TC bit. if you don't
> > want to do TCP then you can rule out the TC bit and AXFR and just not do
> > TCP, and you'll be dead-to-rights within the various DNS protocol RFCs.
> Could be an opportune time to update the RFCs and discourage 53/tcp
> filtering. Are there reasons not to?

there are plenty of server farms behind load balancers etc would would have
to spend some capital to add TCP.  but moreover, a new RFC on this would not
be an effective instrument of change.

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