[dns-operations] adns vuln posted

Paul Vixie vixie at isc.org
Mon Aug 4 14:27:41 UTC 2008

at <http://downloads.securityfocus.com/vulnerabilities/exploits/30131_zmda.c>
we see that the "adns" asynchronous stub resolver has enough of a following to
deserve its own exploit.  anybody know the author?  this oughta get fixed.


/* h0dns_spoof.c - zmda - saik0pod at yahoo.com
 *   - spoof dns on ircd's using the h0dns code
 *   - spoof dns on anything using the adns (asynchronous dns resolver) code
 *   - The bug:
 *       - Static source port used by the adns code
 *       - Sequential DNS ids in request packets
 *   - Initiate sequence to trigger a dns lookup by the adns resolver. Send
 *     the same range of spoofed DNS ids in a constant flood spoofed as the
 *     primary DNS server for the host. Even a local DNS request will take
 *     long enough to allow some amount of the spoofed DNS responses
 *     through before the primary DNS responds. Since the resolver does not
 *     cache results, the dns lookups can be triggered until the DNS id is
 *     incremented within the DNS id range being spoofed.

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