[dns-operations] BLOCK: Spam from NeuStar/Ultra DNS

B. Johannessen bob at db.org
Thu Apr 17 21:33:20 UTC 2008

B. Johannessen wrote:
> I just got spam from NeuStar/Ultra DNS (fragment attached), delivered to 
> hostmaster@$workplace. Up until now I rather thought that Ultra DNS was 
> one of the good guys, but this is completely unacceptable! Can someone 
> give me a good reason not to block these people and throw away the key?

I'm happy to report that things seems to have been taken care of. Paul 
Vixie put me in touch with Rodney Joffe at NeuStar/Ultra DNS, who had 
already put things in motion. I'm satisfied with the answers he provided 
and confident that I've received my last spam from Mr. Andrew Kreutter :-)

As a consequence, I no longer suggest blocking email from NeuStar/Ultra DNS.


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