[dns-operations] BLOCK: Spam from NeuStar/Ultra DNS

B. Johannessen bob at db.org
Thu Apr 17 17:19:33 UTC 2008

I just got spam from NeuStar/Ultra DNS (fragment attached), delivered to 
hostmaster@$workplace. Up until now I rather thought that Ultra DNS was 
one of the good guys, but this is completely unacceptable! Can someone 
give me a good reason not to block these people and throw away the key?

Cc: dns-operations, where I would hope spam from a major player in the 
DNS field is not considered off topic and Ed Lewis at NeuStar.
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Subject: BIND and DDos attack
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Thread-Topic: BIND and DDos attack
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From: "Kreutter, Andrew" <Andrew.Kreutter at neustar.com>
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Cc: "Kreutter, Andrew" <Andrew.Kreutter at neustar.com>

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This is Andrew from Ultra DNS in America.  The reason I'm contacting you
is because I was running a quick test of your internet site x,
on zonewatch.com, and found that there was a failure in both your
Different/24's and an Open DNS Server. =20

My company, Ultra DNS, is the world's premium provider of DNS solutions.
We specialize in managed DNS, traffic management and disaster recovery
solutions.  Currently, we manage 25% of the world's domains including
companies such as Amazon, Forbes, Oracle, Macafee, as well as other
smaller sites.  These companies have moved to our platform because of:



*	Our track record of ten years without a single outage.  Meeting
our 99.999% service level agreement with our customers even during
situations of large scale DDoS attacks.
*	Improved speed of websites and web applications, typically five
times as fast.
*	Simplistic management giving you granular control of your DNS
*	Unique relationships with ISPs to further improve reliability
and speed of DNS resolution
*	As well as an increase in traffic on an average of 3-10% by
eliminating dropped queries due to latency
*	Also with of 14 nodes spread over 5 continents we have the
greatest scalability allowing for my queries from around the globe. =20
*	We do all of this without any drastic changes to you


This is just a very small list of the services we provide to help
improve your site.  I would love to schedule a 5-10 minute call with you
and one of you engineers.  Please e-mail or call me back at your
earliest convenience. =20




Andrew Kreutter

Account Executive

Neustar Ultra Services

Office: 1-571-434-6812

Cell: 1-703-819-6139

Email: Andrew.kreutter at nuestar.biz

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