[dns-operations] Comments regarding RFC 3484

Kurt Erik Lindqvist kurtis at kurtis.pp.se
Wed Sep 26 13:52:24 UTC 2007

(Returning from vacation)

On 18 sep 2007, at 20.18, Peter Koch wrote:

> The basic question is what the actual state of deployment
> of RFC 3484 is.  Either it should be corrected or declared Historic.
> The straightforward way seems to be to approach the relevant IETF  
> working
> groups, which would be v6ops (and, to some degree, dnsop) in this  
> case.

AFAIK 3484 is implemented in all OSes...

RFC3484 was specified by the IPv6 WG so I assume 6man is the WG that  
would have to update it.

- kurtis -

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